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Vancouver Baby Photographer – What to bring to your Milestone Photoshoot

Sitter or Milestone photo sessions are so much fun and very quick as your little one only has so much attention span. We will be doing two different setups with different props and outfits to get lots of variety in your gallery. They are one of my favourite sessions as your little one’s expressions developed and they just love to laugh.

To make sure we get the most out of your baby’s session, please find some tips here:

  • Please make sure your little one is well rested and well fed.
  • Please bring some extra milk or water in their preferred bottle.
  • It is also great to have some of their favourite snacks handy.
  • If you are bringing a sibling please have some entertainment for them with you (favourite books, toys, music etc) and snacks, water or milk
  • To get their attention it would be great to have their favourite stuffy or toy with you.
  • I do have a selection of outfits, but mostly for 1 year olds. If you happen to have any neutral coloured rompers, shorts, pants, shirts etc that would be amazing to bring along. Please no pattern or logos as we do not want to distract from your cute little one. Otherwise we can for sure make my outfits work.
  • If they have any special songs they like to listen to and make them happy, please let me know before your session so I can download them or please have them handy on your cell phone.
  • WIFI is available. I usually forget to mention this so will add it here. You will find the password posted in the sitting area.
  • Family Photos  Here is a blog post about what I recommend to wear for your session to get timeless images and here you will find a Pinterest board with colours that go well together.
  • Hair & Make Up As far as hair goes please style it however makes you feel beautiful. If you have long hair big curls are always a great option. Make up is also up to your liking, but it is easier for me to remove blemishes or add rosy cheeks than taking too much make up away. A matted look is preferred as shiny, sparkly make up does not photograph so well. If you would like to read about some tips on make up for your session, please visit my blog post here. If you have any questions or need referrals for a professional Hair and Makeup, I am always happy to help!

Ready to capture your baby’s big milestone. I am a professional baby photographer in Vancouver and would love to capture your little one. Please contact me to schedule a quick phone call, so I can answer any questions you might have.

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