For Photographers

Photo Editing / Retouching

Please email me or We-transfer a photo you wish me to edit and I am happy to send you a test edit for free.

Please include your instagram, website or facebook page or a link to a picture of which style you would like me to accomplish. The free edit will be based on the basic package.



– Basic Skin Editing

– Skin Colour correction

– Face Sharpening (eyes, lashes, lips …)

– Basic Background Adjustments

– White Balance/Colour Correction

– Solid Colour Background extension

– Crop image to chosen size

– Basic object removal




– Everything from Basic +

– Object removal

– Body/Face Liquify

– High End Skin Retouching

– Sheets/Blanket/Clothing Smoothing

– Background Smoothing




– Background Replacement

– Turn Photo into Painting

– Body Parts/Heads Replacement

– Colour Changing on clothing, Backdrop etc

– Textured Background extension

– Object removal



How to Order?

1. Please email me your chosen trial image and any presets or links to what you would like me to achieve.

2. If you want to go ahead and order please let me know the desired level of retouching and specify additional requirements if necessary. If you have a bigger order please email me and I can send you a quote.

3. I will be sending you an invoice and upon payment received you will receive your edited photo within the timeframe discussed. 

If the received pictures do not meet your expectations or there are other additional questions, you can always contact me and I am happy to help.