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Congratulations! These first moments in your newborn baby’s life are so precious and will go by so fast. I will create an effortless and enjoyable experience that will leave you with classic & timeless newborn photos.

As a new mom or mom-to-be you have so many responsibilities and are working hard to keep life running smoothly. You will be guided through the entire process from planning your custom newborn baby photo shoot to designing and delivering your final products. You just show up, relax, maybe even take a nap, and I will be there to take care of everything else.

Your Newborn Photography Experience

What is Included

Design Consultation

We will plan your custom session in person or over phone

Up to 3 hours in my studio

My studio is conveniently located in North Vancouver with easy access from the HWY

Unique Props & Outfits

I have have everything covered for your newborn baby, from props to wraps, headbands, bonnet, hats ...

Viewing and Ordering Appointment

One of my favourite parts of the experience! You get to see your beautiful images!

Professional Retouching

I have 20+ years of experience editing and retouching images and will retouch as much or little as you like.

What my amazing clients say

FAQ - Newborn Photography Vancouver​

Yes, I am fully vaccinated and boosted. I will be sanitizing and washing my hands constantly and I will be wearing a N95 mask during the entire session. There is also a HEPA filter with Nano filtration running during the session. My parents and their babies safety is always my first priority. Please find my studio policies here.

I recommend you reserve a spot for your newborn baby at least 2 months in advance of your due date to ensure I have openings available.

Newborn photo shoots are best suited for babies 5 – 20 days new, as they are still teeny tiny & super sleepy. Don’t worry if your baby is already older, we can still get amazing pictures. The session will take place in my studio and includes custom tailored setups, which we will discuss in our consultation. Every session is custom designed to suit each individual Client and their newborn baby boy or baby girl.

When you book a newborn photography session, I have your due date down as the approximate session date. However, as we all know, babies come when they ready. So, in order to fit you in during that first two weeks, please contact me within the first 3 days after birth to schedule your newborn baby photoshoot. 

All props, wardrobe, styling and set-up are provided with your session fee. Space heaters, HEPA Nanofilter air purifier and hand sanitizers are always used with the safest precautions taken for your newborn baby. I like to allow plenty of time for feeding and cuddling during your session so depending on your baby boy or baby girl and package chosen, please plan to be here between 2-4 hours. There are snacks and drinks available during your session and you are welcome to take a nap, catch up on emails, watch a movie or read your favourite book.

I strive to have everything covered so you get to relax and enjoy a movie, nap or good book. I have lots of hats, headbands, wraps and blankets. Each prop and accessory in the studio has been carefully selected through the years to curate a beautiful collection of hand knit bonnets, soft linens, textured layers, delicate tiebacks and antique buckets and bowls.

If you are having family pictures done, I suggest bringing a change of clothes just in case we have a little accident. If your little one is formula fed please bring extra bottles. There are plenty of snacks and drinks available for you to enjoy during the session. Including MaxFruit popsicles!

Please contact me within the first 3 days of birth to schedule the exact date for your newborn photoshoot.

Your newborn photo shoot will take place at my Lynn Valley, North Vancouver studio.

I find that the best newborn baby photographs are taken within the first 5 – 20 days.  However, we can create a  beautiful gallery of your new baby regardless of her/his age, so if you’ve missed the window, don’t panic!

Session length varies based on the type of session you have scheduled and the cooperation of your sweet baby boy or baby girl.  The typical newborn session can last up to four hours but typically takes about 2-3 hours if baby is very sleepy. 

No. I have many props from wraps, outfits, hats, bonnets & headbands and unless there is something you absolutely want incorporated in your images, please do not bring additional props. I have you covered!

A sleepy newborn with a full belly is the most cooperative for photographs. Please keep your newborn awake for about 30 minutes before his or her portrait session. A bath or some naked time is a great way to keep your baby awake and engage with him or her. 

Please wear cool and comfortable clothing in layers as the studio will be nice and warm so your baby feels comfortable and hopefully sleeps through most of our session. If we are taking pictures with siblings, mom and dad, you should wear similar solid colours. Natural colours and tones, like greys, light blues and earthy tones always photograph well and please avoid logos and patterns. And just in case there are any small accidents, bringing an extra set of clothes is always a good idea.

If you are not sure what to do with your hair or make up, please read this blog post.

When you arrive for your newborn photoshoot, I will have you undress your baby down to their diaper and a swaddle blanket only and take your time to nurse/feed him/her. This helps not only fill their
tummy, but also relax. The diaper and loose swaddle will make for easy removal without waking baby back up.
I like to allow plenty of time during the newborn session for feeding and cuddling so depending on your baby and package chosen, please plan to be here between 2-4 hours. Throughout this time you may get hungry and I have a variety of snacks and drinks available. We will take everything nice and slow and your baby will be the star of the show and calls the shots.

Baby may pee, poo, or spit up on my outfits, blankets or props – please do not worry! It’s all washable and I am not concerned in the least. I don’t want you to be either!

Baby calls the shots! Babies have their own likes, dislikes and personality. If baby wants to eat, we’ll take a break. If baby wants to swaddle, I will swaddle him/her and will try again to take pictures of the baby undressed later in the session. We will work together to have a successful session, but I can not promise certain poses, as your baby is in charge and his or her safety and comfort is my priority.

No worries! Awake babies can be photographed too.  As long as your baby is content, I will be able to capture beautiful images.  Awake babies are more difficult to pose so if your baby is not soundly asleep, there may be some poses that we cannot get, but we will still get a beautiful gallery.

I am here to guide you through the whole session and make sure to pose you and your family in the most flattering poses. I will tell you where to place your hands and where to look! We have this covered and those will be one of the most cherished images captured! Please don’t let yourself stand in the way of capturing this moment especially since we moms are usually behind the camera! This is the perfect time for you to shine and I will make sure you will love your pictures! 

Prepare siblings for the portrait session by letting them hold the baby, with assistance at home. Make holding the baby a big deal. Get excited about it! Tell her “you get to hold the baby now” and make it a fun experience. If the siblings are too young to hold the baby, I will pose the baby in a basket or on a soft surface and have the siblings sit or lie next to your baby.  

I will do everything I can to get a portrait of the siblings together, but please understand that it is not always possible to do so when you have a younger child who does not want to cooperate. We can always try to capture them for a composite (two images merged) or get great shots including one or both parents.

We will take the family photos and sibling picture in the beginning of the session and then I will ask you for the sibling to leave as it is no fun for them to stay for the whole session. The studio is very close to a few great playgrounds. We want to ensure a calm, peaceful, and most of all, safe environment for the star of the show, your newborn baby!

We will schedule a virtual reveal of your gallery within 2 weeks of the session, which is my favourite part. You will watch a slideshow and then pick your favourite images.

Ready to schedule your newborn portrait session?  Or have more questions about the process?  I’m happy to chat.  Please email me and we will begin planning the perfect session for your new baby.

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